Basic Installation of a CentOS 6 Server

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Basic Server installation

ISO install

Download the latest

CentOS-6.x-x86_64-minimal.iso for a 64-bit installation


CentOS-6.x-i386-minimal.iso for a 32-bit installation

from a CentOS mirror nearby you. Install, configure network and DNS. Log in via ssh and continue.

Install some useful Packages

yum -y install cronie wget ntp zip unzip rsync yum-utils \
  postfix mailx sudo tcsh bind-utils nmap traceroute htop file \
  vim man top telnet system-config-network-tui patch lsof sg3_utils

Starting the Cron Service

service crond status || service crond start

Turn off the Firewall

chkconfig iptables off
service iptables stop

Turn off SE Linux

sed --in-place=.BAK 's:SELINUX=[a-z]*:SELINUX=disabled:g' /etc/selinux/config
setenforce 0

Turn on Time Service

The system time should be controlled by a time server

chkconfig ntpd on
service ntpd start

Set up RepoForge (Rpmforge) Repository

This repository provides other useful packages.

On a 64-bit system install:

rpm -ivH

On a 32-bit system install:

rpm -ivH

VMWare Tools Installation

This section is only applicable if the server is running virtualized on VMWare ESXi Server.

Setup: VMWare Tools Installation on CentOS

System Update

yum -y update

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